Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (SMTI) Course

This highly rated strategy course is taught by SC Innovates Director Laura B. Cardinal, Ph.D. at the Moore School and will give you desired skills and knowledge for the workplace to give you a boost in your professional career. This course is a standalone elective in the Moore School’s Professional MBA (PMBA) program, counts towards the PMBA’s Innovation/Entrepreneurship Concentration, and is one of three required courses in the new Strategic Innovation Certificate.

Course Overview

This course has two main focal points:

  1. Understanding and managing innovation—sustaining and disruptive
  2. Creating new capabilities from the perspective of a large corporation or a new entrepreneurial firm

This class is:

  • Highly interactive.
  • A strategy course that will provide new ways of analyzing and understanding business strategy.
  • Taught in-person over four Saturdays during an eight-week semester.

This course is for:

This course is applicable to graduate students from all walks of life, including business, science, engineering, medicine, social work, healthcare, law, and public policy. You do not need a background in science, technology, or even business to succeed in this course. You should consider this course if you are passionate about:

  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Internal corporate entrepreneurship
  • Cutting-edge products, services, or business models
  • Entrepreneurship

We invite you to read the comments and stories below from a few of our past students who have benefitted from the course.