Jan 15

Last fall, 22 students from across the Carolinas enrolled in Laura B. Cardinal’s class, Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, a strategy class in the Darla Moore School of Business’ Professional MBA (PMBA) program. The class, which caters to professionals seeking to advance their careers be earning an MBA, was among the most diverse in the history of the class.

Employer Categories

While it might seem most students come from large publicly traded corporations, the employer categories represented in the class profiles was much more varied:

  • 36% employed by privately held companies
  • 32% employed by publicly traded companies
  • 1.5% full-time graduate students, including one PharmD/PMBA student
  • 1% employed by government or nonprofit organizations

Student Hometowns

Distance didn’t seem to bother SMTI classmates. Surprisingly, 30% of the class came from out of state. Here’s more insight:

  • 9 students from Columbia, SC
  • 7 students from Charlotte, NC
  • 3 students from Charleston, SC 
  • 3 students from Greenville/Spartanburg, SC

Companies Represented

The PMBA program can help fast-track one’s career, regardless of industry. Here’s a sampling of employers represented who value their people’s pursuit of a PMBA:

  • Atrium Health
  • Microban International
  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • Tetramer Technologies
  • Tesla

The next offering of the Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (SMTI I) PMBA class taught by Laura B. Cardinal, the SmartState Endowed Chair for Innovation + Commercialization, is Spring 2020. Dr. Cardinal will also be introducing SMTI II, which takes the concepts of SMTI I a giant leap forward, in Spring 2020 as well. Find information here>