About SC Innovates®

SC Innovates®, the SmartState® Center for Innovation + Commercialization

SC Innovates® is dedicated to the study and advancement of innovation and commercialization, specifically as it relates to creating opportunities for South Carolina’s economy. The Center bridges the gap between academic research and commercialization through its initiatives, outreach, programs, and SmartState® connections.

In 21st century organizations, “innovation and change have replaced scale and stability as key drivers of company success” as such, companies, nonprofits and other organizations “must engage in continuous change and renewal to have any chance of ongoing success against agile competitors immersed in fluid bases of competition”

(Cardinal, Kreutzer, & Miller, 2017: 561, 562).

SC Innovates, the SmartState Center for Innovation + Commercialization, is located within the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School Business. SC Innovates was created to connect the more than 50 SmartState Centers at USC, Clemson University, and the Medical University of South Carolina with companies, organizations, and individuals interested in tapping into the expertise of the nearly 75 SmartState Endowed Chairs and their research labs.

SC Innovates is led by Laura B. Cardinal, Ph.D., who was recruited to build the Center in 2016. Click here to read more about Cardinal.


Develop human capital in South Carolina ready to navigate the competitive landscape of intensifying technological complexity and drive the ever-accelerating pace of change.


Be the preferred educational leader in fostering a capability in strategic innovation in South Carolina through the fusion of strategy, innovation management, and science and technology.


By fusing science to business and business to science, empower a new generation of forward-thinking innovation professionals through the Strategic Innovation Certificate that integrates the SmartState Program’s network of world-renowned scientists with cutting-edge educational experiences at South Carolina’s Moore School.

SC Innovates Paradigm

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Source: Cardinal, L.B., Kreutzer, M., & Miller, C.C. 2017. An aspirational view of organizational control research: Re-invigorating empirical work to better meet the challenges of 21st century organizations. Academy of Management Annals, 11(2): 559-592.