SC Innovates® is fortunate to have many supporters who believe in the power of innovation to create opportunities and the need to bridge the gap between science and industry.

Lyderic Champetier

Supply Chain Manager, Michelin
PMBA Class of 2018

“Smaller companies have the ability to disrupt entire industries through innovation. As an engineer at the world’s second largest tire manufacturer, I wanted to understand innovation as a strategy. Laura… (continued)

Jack R. Johnson, III, PhD

Technical Specialist, BASF
PMBA Class of 2020

“Being in R&D with large, established corporations, my career has always been on a technical track. Wanting a deeper understanding of the business of innovation, I took Strategic Management of… (continued)

Jochen Lauterbach, PhD

SmartState® Endowed Chair, Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity
University of South Carolina

“The SmartState Endowed Chairs are among the brightest minds in the world in our fields. We are in South Carolina to ignite innovation in technology, start companies, partner with industry,… (continued)

Sue Levkoff, MSW, SW, SCD

SmartState® Endowed Chair in SmartHOME
Professor, College of Social Work
Adjunct Professor, School of Medicine
University of South Carolina

“The SmartState Center for Innovation + Commercialization is the ‘missing link’ of the SmartState Program. SmartState Endowed Chairs such as myself are developing a tremendous amount of technology in our… (continued)

Laine Mears, Ph.D., P.E.

BMW SmartState® Chair in Automotive Manufacturing
Clemson University

“From the beginning, SmartState® Chairs were encouraged to ‘think big’ by our universities and corporate sponsors. That’s exactly what we’ve done in our research, in our teaching, in diversifying and… (continued)

Shaun Owens, Ph.D., MPH, CAPS

Associate Professor
College of Social Work
University of South Carolina

“If we, as academic researchers, don’t want our research end-products to end up on a shelf, we need a crash course in strategic management so we understand what it takes… (continued)

Jaspreet “Jessie” Pandher

Ph.D. Candidate
McNair Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research
University of South Carolina

“Dr. Cardinal’s class, Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, was an eye opener. It was fascinating – and very valuable – to learn how and why companies pivot from one… (continued)

Aaron Paschal

Senior Product Manager
PMBA Class of 2019

“In the pharmaceutical industry, there is tremendous pressure for product launches to be successful right out of the gate. What I learned in SMTI changed the way I bring pharmaceutical… (continued)

Gabrielle Pierce, Pharm.D.

PGY1 Specialty Pharmacy Resident, University of Illinois at Chicago
Pharm.D./PMBA Class of 2020

“Early on in my academic studies, I knew a pharmacy degree wouldn’t be enough. Combining a PharmD with an MBA gives me the business knowledge I need to be a… (continued)

Lynda Shafer

Strategy and Collaboration Manager, Duke Energy
PMBA Class of 2020

“While working for a major utility company, I was tasked with developing a strategic plan for the next five to ten years. It was challenging! Innovation is unpredictable. How do… (continued)

Floris-Jan van Zanten

Ph.D. Candidate
McNair Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research
University of South Carolina

“My goal is to be at the forefront of innovation within the aerospace industry so Dr. Cardinal’s course on the Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation was great for me.”… (continued)

Chad Webb

Chief Operating Officer, Island Brands USA
PMBA Class of 2019

“After 25 years in the beer industry, I wanted to understand technology and how to use it to disrupt industries. Dr. Cardinal’s class, Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, really… (continued)

Anja Zgodic

Ph.D. Candidate
Arnold School of Public Health
University of South Carolina

“As a data scientist, it was interesting to be in a class with MBA students. Our mindsets were different. I live in a world of data and businesspeople are more… (continued)