Nov 18

Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (SMTI) is a highly sought-after course at the University of South Carolina equipping students with a wide array of business-savvy knowledge. Offered by the Darla Moore School of Business, SMTI is the foundational course of SC Innovates’® newly launched Strategic Innovation Certificate. This course draws students from business and non-business backgrounds alike and instills them with the knowledge of strategy, innovation management, science, and technology, making them more attractive to future employers.

At the center of SMTI is Laura B. Cardinal, a.k.a. “Prof. C.,” who is hardwired for teaching students about innovation management, business strategy, and novel technologies. The discussion-driven course, which began in August and culminated on October 9, met for four Saturdays throughout the semester where everyone was encouraged to collaborate, share ideas, and interject their own thoughts. This semester marks an exciting milestone for Prof. C, who brought SMTI to the Moore School five years ago.

“Fall 2021 is my 12th SMTI cohort at UofSC. What can I say? Time flies when you are having fun.”

Laura B. Cardinal, Ph.D., SmartState® Endowed Chair + Director, SC Innovates

This semester’s cohort had a unique 40/60 mix of Professional MBA (PMBA) students and STEM graduate students ranging from chemistry to informatics. Most of the students resided in Columbia, however three students made the commute from outside cities. One student traveled from Charlotte, while two others came from Charleston. Each of these students commuted nearly one thousand miles in total to attend class this semester, which speaks to the value and attractiveness of SMTI and Prof. C’s popularity.

“I knew this semester’s cohort was unique from day one,” says Cardinal. “It was especially evident when students stepped out of their comfort zones when forming teams for their technology analysis project. PMBA students matched up with STEM students in choosing their teams to an extent I had not seen since coming to UofSC. I think this speaks to the curiosity this group displays and their ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to problem solving!”

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