Jan 08

SC Innovates® SmartState® Center within the Darla Moore School of Business (DMSB) at the University of South Carolina would like to proudly congratulate the Professional MBA and/or Strategic Innovation Certificate (SIC) Fall 2023 Graduates. Our graduates enhanced the learning experiences in each and every strategic innovation course. Every student brought a unique perspective, experience, background, and mindset to engage in deep dialogue during the eight-hour-long class sessions. The DMSB graduates worked hard to build lasting competencies that they will be able to utilize throughout their careers. Together they synthesized the different patches of knowledge and experiences from each other to create a full quilt of new expertise. We at SC Innovates are grateful to have encountered such a dedicated group and are joyous to give the DMSB graduates the “SC Innovates Alumni” title. Our final words for the Fall 2023 Graduates are, “Strive to sustain your perseverance, inquisitiveness, and creativity.” You will be greatly missed within the SC Innovates classroom.

Christine Bailey (SIC)
Conitsha Barnes (SIC)
Eliza Mecaj (SIC)
Emily Scott
Glenn DelRosario (SIC)
Henry “Hank” DeDona (SIC)
Joshua “Josh” Beck (SIC)
Michael Harris (SIC)
Rebecca “Becca” Tuberville (SIC)
Robert “Beaux” Brannen
Sarah Sawvell (SIC)
Shawn Sluss (SIC)
Stuart Elliott
Tristan Stone
Willie Jones Jr. (SIC)